Job Opportunities

University of Virginia. Muslim Chaplain, The Hadi Initiative (posted 6/8/19).

Tufts University. Muslim Chaplain, University Chaplaincy (posted 5/28/19).

Carlton College. Associate Chaplain, Muslim & Interfaith Life (posted 5/24/19).

Wesleyan University. Muslim Chaplain, Religion and Spiritual Life (posted 5/22/19).

University of Michigan--Ann Arbor. Muslim Chaplain, Felicity Foundation (posted 4/16/19).

Phillips Exeter Academy. Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Religious Services Department (posted 4/1/19)

San Francisco State University. Muslim Student Life Coordinator, Interfaith & Intercultural Programs,(posted 3/30/19)

Brandeis University. Muslim Chaplain, Office of Spiritual and Religious Life (posted 3/21/19)

Johns Hopkins University. Assistant Chaplain for Muslim Life; Campus Ministries Homewood Campus. (posted 3/11/19)

Wake Forest University. Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life; Office of the Chaplain. (posted 3/11/19)