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As-salaamu `alaikum!



Georgetown University. Muslim Chaplain/Associate Director for Muslim Life, Muslim Life (9/24/19).
St. Olaf College. Muslim Chaplain for Student Life, Colllege Ministry (9/20/19).
Carlton College. Associate Chaplain for Muslim & Interfaith Life at Carleton College, Carleton Chaplaincy (9/6/19),
Muslim Community at Connecticut College. College Chaplain, Religious and Spiritual Program (8/24/19).
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Who are we?

We are U.S. tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization formed to provide coordination and support to Muslim chaplains at academic institutions (including high schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities) in the United States to facilitate and enhance their service to the community. The sole mission of the ACMC shall be to serve the needs of Muslims on academic campuses and their chaplains and administrators to improve preparation, communication and coordination of resources and activities among the chaplains in the areas of religious, educational, interfaith, social, pastoral, and other activities.

Read about our 2019 Annual Meeting in St. Paul
"Healing for Our Campuses Whilst Healing Ourselves:  Prophetic Approaches to Reconciliation and Repair"
Click here for Cody Nielsen's power point presentation at the conference on
"Encountering Higher Educationís Last Broad Stroke of Inclusion: Supporting Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Identities

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Membership in the ACMC shall be open to anyone recognized by their academic institution or recognized Muslim student group on campus as a chaplain (one who offers spiritual care on campus, by whatever title), as well as anyone who has been recognized as a chaplain for one year after leaving that position. Potential members are required to provide documentation  from their institution or student group attesting to their functioning as a chaplain. "Campus" is broadly defined to include all academic campuses including but not limited to colleges, universities, seminaries, and public and private primary and secondary schools. To join or renew for the 2018-19 academic year, pay your dues here:
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